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                Mobile DVR

                Hongdian MDVR series includes mini DVR, 4channel and 8 channel HD mobile DVR with the functions of  GPS, HD video recorder, real-time monitoring,etc.

                CONTACT US: Tel: +86-755-88864288-8243
                H3900 4G Dash Camera

                H3900 4G Dash Camera

                H3900 is an intelligent recorder designed for fleet management, with dual 1080P cameras front and rear and 4G connectivity, GPS, G-sensor, it gathers and analyses all-around driving data Including video, event, alarm, providing continuous monitoring for your fleets.

                H3318B MDVR

                H3318B MDVR

                H3318B is the latest MDVR from dafa快三官网, which integrates the three functions of vehicle MDVR, vehicle GPS terminal and trip recorder into one, supporting 8 channels of 1080P AHD video and WiFi hotspot. To meet customer demand for HD video with better performance.

                Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

                Contact an Hongdian expert and get started today!