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                Secure, high-speed wireless communication to retail, gaming, branch office network systems.


                Manage Device Remotely, reliable and secure, maintain compliance, reduce installation costs, maintain 100% up time

                Smart Cities & Utility

                Optimize safety & security & convenience, keeping pace with growing urban populations with growing demands on public services.


                Improve reliability and security, monitor devices remotely, improved customer insight,reduce installation costs.

                Vehicle Video Surveillance

                Automatically transmit vehicle Data & Inventories, gain real-time diagnostics, optimize safety & security lower operational costs.

                Industrial Automation

                Lower operational costs, gain real-time diagnostics, optimize safety & security, accelerate time to market


                Reliable and secure, real-time monitoring, manage devices remotely and protect your business from vandalism, misuse and unauthorized access.


                Equipment reliability and longevity, enable access to remote systems,accelerate time to market, lower operational costs.

                BUS WI-FI

                Gain business opportunities Enjoy rich internet and oline programs Increase ridership and customer attraction Improve the city's image and citizen satisfaction

                Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

                Contact an Hongdian expert and get started today!