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                Manage Device Remotely, reliable and secure, maintain compliance, reduce installation costs, maintain 100% up time

                Gaming & Lottery

                Lottery service is very common service nowadays. However, traditional network solution for lottery machine is based on cable connection like ADSL or fiber, which has lot of disadvantage and become to be obstruct to the development of this market. Cable connection deployment is difficult to deploy in different environment, no backup system, goes over public internet with risk to lottery data.

                Cash Register Smart Network

                In modern commercial, cash register has been used in many shops and super markets, which plays an important necessary role in common life. For developed countries, POS system coverage rate has reached 70%-80%, it benefits cash efficiency, product safety, precision marketing etc.

                Smart Signage & Advertisement

                Enterprises and retailers now are using the IoT solution to connect their Signage and advertisement Screen. Once they need change the content, digital signage will download it from manage system by cellular network, this process is traditional and lack of flexibility and less efficiency in marketing, this could be even more smarter.

                Express Box

                With the development of electronic commerce, express delivery industry has entered the boom, because of the Internet of things and M2M technology in modern logistics industry, the application of intelligent express box as the end of the electronic commerce logistics

                Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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