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                Vehicle Video Surveillance

                Automatically transmit vehicle Data & Inventories, gain real-time diagnostics, optimize safety & security lower operational costs.

                Public Transition

                As an important part of urban transportation, public transport is our first choice for travel after government and the public advocate low carbon environmental protection and green travel. Due to many blind spots in safety and security management of public transport in the past, accidents caused by illegal driving and illegal and criminal behavior inside the car are widespread despite repeated prohibitions, there’re a lot evidentiary difficulties;

                Fleet Management

                With the rapid development of logistics industry, the scientific management of the vehicles becomes more and more important, especially the driver and vehicle safety management. Problems like driver fatigue driving

                Vehicle Surveillance

                With the rapid development of the wireless communication technology, and the improvement of the safety monitoring system, the vehicle surveillance will have more development space. As people become more and more rely on the various vehicles in their life, traffic safety is becoming more and more important.

                Focusing on IoT market , helps customers improve the capability of decision-making and controlling

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